Monday, January 25, 2010

Focus on VALUE Through Tough Economic Times

I would contend that selling, as well as exceeding customer expectations, is never easy. But during tough economic times, it gets even more difficult. Try as you might, you still can’t escape the economic reality that your customers are facing.

Are you taking for granted that your normal business processes are effective?

Sure, you may need to advertise or prospect more than usual during these tough economic times, but what else are you doing? Is it possible that the future will come and you will find that you’ve lost business to competitors who have focused on adding value, versus reaching more prospects?

Here are three essential practices for adding value for your customers during tough times:

  1. Stay close to your existing customers- While this habit is always important, it is even more so during tough times. Not only can you help them by adding value during difficult times, but that assistance gains you more loyalty at a time when your clients may be forced to re-examine everything. You may not get new business in the short term from these efforts, but it may keep you from replacing lost business in the future. The long term effect of this renewed focus may very well be eventual business growth within existing accounts.

  2. Work your relationships — People still buy from people. The tighter things become, the more importance placed on every purchasing decision. When you can’t afford to make a mistake, buying from someone you trust is even more of a must. These are the times to work your personal relationships and business networks harder than ever. Networking into an opportunity as someone who can be trusted may be the edge you need in earning new business.

  3. Focus on the positive- It is easy to become discouraged, especially when trying to sell and serve customers through tough times. Keep focused on the fact that not every company out there is just trying to hold on. There are many companies, just like yours, which are committed to growing while others are wringing their hands. Go find them!

If your company needs ideas or advice on how to add value for your customers, please contact The Farst Group. We’ll be sure that your business thrives through tough times and beyond!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Inexpensive MUSTS for our Marketing Program

The world is changing, and so are the methods to get in front of new customers. Cold calling, mailers, telemarketing, and flat websites, although still effective, don’t always do the trick. Technology has taken over; is your business leading the pack, or falling behind? Now, more than ever, it’s of utmost importance to do what your competition is not. Utilizing new resources, most of which are inexpensive or free, can set your business apart in a big way.

Web 2.0 tools such as Twitter and LinkedIn, when used properly, can quickly spread the word about your brand. This personal, one-on-one communication should be transparent, developing trust between your business and it’s prospects.

Blogs and E-zines are also a great way to stay in touch with prospects, as well as interact with them in a new way.

Public relations efforts are free…is your business taking advantage of this media outlet? Do you know how to present yourself as a subject matter expert to give the press a reason to publish information on your business? Have you provided relevant “news” on your business that is intriguing enough to be published or appear on television?

Does your business have a unique selling proposition, which concisely allows prospects to understand why your business is unlike your competition?

Contact The Farst Group today to learn more about these tools, as well as many others, that will increase your presence in the marketplace…ultimately increasing revenue and making your competition wonder “What Happened?” !