Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Top 10 Website Design Trends for 2010

It’s always tough to predict the future, and that is all the more true when talking about the web. The Internet continues to evolve so fast and in so many directions, due in large part to the various social media tools, making the web accessible to people who never dreamed of being part of it. Here is a list of design trends that will play a large role well into 2010:

1. Typography

Web designers will start using larger, more exciting fonts in place of system text. This trend started over the past year and will continue. Designs will use typography as an integral part of the overall work rather than a liability. Overall, designers are paying closer attention to typographic details such as leading, line height and choice of font.

2. Hand drawn sketches & illustrations

Easily noticeable on a page. Stands out from traditional graphics and gives the website a unique, personalized look.

3. Large images/photography

4. Magazine Layout

With more people going online and see the web as the source of entertainment and real time information, many sites will be gearing toward this type of look - with short concise articles that are easy to read.

5. Introduction Blocks

The upper-left area of a website is the most important block on the page, because that is the first place your eye goes when you come to a website. This spot grabs most attention from visitors. Therefore, this is the ideal place to get your message out and seen quickly. You see this done in many types of design, including corporate design, web apps, or portfolios. They take up a lot of real estate, but that is ok. The message is key.

6. Single Page Layouts
People are in a rush. They are online to find the info and go. They don’t have time to look around and see everything. This is the solution to get them the info they need.

7. Social Media Sites and Icons

Of course this has been the big thing of the past two years, and it will only continue to get bigger. Linking to them and using apps from them helps build communities around products, ideas and causes. More and more people are spending time online, looking to connect with like minded people and to share their lives and information.

8. White Space

It is cleaner, easier on the eyes and easy to find what you are looking for. White is a great color to help something stand out. Sometimes simplicity is key.

9. Icons and Visuals

Not clip art, but stylistically rendered icons that represent in a small image what the entire section is about. Easy for people to recognize and people notice them quicker than text.

10. Modal Boxes (Lightboxes)
These are great open source applications that are basically the next generation of pop-ups. They are a cleaner, more user-friendly alternative to the basic JavaScript pop up windows that have been around for years. Clean and crisp to focus the user on the information you are presenting, whether it is a picture, text or a video. This little tool helps the presentation go a long way.

For more design ideas or suggestions on how to update your website for 2010, visit www.thefarstgroup.com/webdesign.htm