Monday, March 8, 2010

Attracting Clients to YOUR Business

One of the most exciting challenges that small businesses face is attracting clients. Do you agree? Sometimes the challenge is fun, and other times it’s daunting. With the right mix of marketing, branding, and promotion, you can create a repetitive process for your company that guarantees clients will be coming to YOU. Below are a few of my favorite (and often overlooked) tactics for creating a buzz around your company and its expertise:

  • Speak at an industry event – this will position you and your company as an expert. In the eyes of a prospect, you are now a resource and not a sales person.
  • Ask for referrals from satisfied customers – if they can’t give you a referral to someone they know, ask if they will write a testimonial for you to put on your website.
  • Create a press kit – this is the first step to successfully distributing a press release and networking (as well as influencing) reporters.
  • Swap articles with a complimentary company for your e-zines – this is easy and will get your business immediate exposure to new prospects. Don’t place an advertisement in their e-zine, write an article that readers will care about!
  • Send cards to your current prospects whenever you can – nowadays, this is a forgotten art and sure to set you apart from other companies!
  • Keep your head in the game – do whatever it takes to keep your attitude in check!

For more information about any of the topics above, or to learn about 100 more ways to attract clients, contact The Farst Group today!